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The photogalleries are currently undergoing a major re-organisation, which will hopefully make things easier to find within our archive. This will then include current photographs of the line, photographs of the line before closure as well as comparative shots to show how things have changed. This will take some time to complete!! The old galleries will remain available until this is completed, but you can see the progress being made below. See also our digital archive containing artefacts from the line's operational days...

Section 1: Along the lines (photographs arranged by location):

Section 2: Historical (photographs arranged by date / photographer):

Section 3: Major Projects (photographs arranged by project):

  • Bolton Abbey station rebuilding 1994-1997
  • Bolton Abbey reopening 1997
  • Holywell Halt Day 2002
  • Holywell relaying by P-Way 2003
  • Embsay relaying by P-Way 2004
  • Bolton Abbey signalling ongoing
  • Embsay shed project ongoing
  • Sleights Sidings East signalbox move 2007-2008

Section 4: Other:

Old Photogallery Index

This page is an index of the various photogalleries on the website (we've got rather a lot...). There are over 1200 photos on the website, and they have been sorted into categories to aid finding them. Where possible they are in chronological order within the pages.

Also available is a map of the line with locations for photography which are available to the public (using footpaths, roads and other rights of way).

Section 1: ALONG THE LINE:


Section 3: MEMBERS AT WORK: Section 4: MAJOR PROJECTS: Section 5: OTHER: Section 6: HISTORY:
    Operational days - photos taken when the line was operational 1888-1965.
    F.W.Smith Archive - photos taken by F.W.Smith of the line through the ages as he has worked on it. Also includes more recent preservation pictures.
    Closure - photos taken around and immediately after closure of the line.
    Early Days 1 - photos from the early days of the society, leading up to the LRO granted in 1979.
    Early Days 2 - photos from the early days of the society, leading up to the LRO granted in 1979.
    Early Days 3 - photos from the early days of the society, leading up to the LRO granted in 1979.
If you have any photographs of the line, please e-mail me!

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