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The Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway generally splits its volunteers up into departments so that they can concentrate on projects within their particular specialities. This does not preclude projects taking palce between departments, and indeed across the Raiwlay as a whole. The Volunteering section on the main website has a brief overview of the departments based on the Railway. These pages are being added so that you can get more details about the departments, as well as their past and present projects.

P-Way, S&T and the Operating department have all added information to their sections, and Carriage and Wagon have just launched their area.

The space below covers some of the projects that have been tackled across the departments, although there are others such as the Shed project... These will be re-organised when I get round to it!

Carriage Shed extension

The carriage shed at Embsay has recently been extended - an activity that has seen foundations cast, steelwork errected and cladding put on by members of the Railway whilst the track has been relaid with concrete sleepers by the P-Way team. More photos will be added to show the progress made.

(C) William Lister The foundations have been dug out and shuttered, ready for the concrete to be poured in, as can be seen happening here. The old track had been lifted prior to this activity, and only the rails were destined for re-use.
(c) William Lister.
(C) William Lister Some final adjustments are made to the shuttering as more concrete is added. Set into the concrete are the threaded bolts to receive the steelwork.
(c) William Lister.

Holywell Halt Day 2002

All departments turned out on Thursday 5th September to assault Holywell Halt, carrying out repairs and improvements to allow passengers to alight for the 2003 timetable and make use of the facilities. A selection of pictures from the workparty are here, and more will follow when they are received. More photos of Holywell Halt can be found in the photogallery.
Repairs were carried out to the shelter, and painting into BR (NE) colours was started. New running-in boards are also being made for fitting shortly. The maze and paths have been improved with the laying of new gravel, and the biggest task was the removal of the decaying concrete platform edging, in preparation for replacing with slabs. The day was very successful - thanks must go to all those who organised and took part in the work. WELL DONE!

(C) Tim Warner Although things started at Embsay, the first job was to go to Bolton Abbey to pick up the mini digger which had been delivered, as well as materials that were needed to complete the job. The digger was driven onto the flat wagon by Pete Walker after a sleeper ramp had been built.
(c) Tim Warner.
(C) Tim Warner Monckton stands with the train in Bolton Abbey station, the digger loaded, and everyone ready to go. sorry for the poor quality of the photo - this will be rescanned soon
(c) Tim Warner.
(C) Tim Warner Upon arrival at Holywell, the digger was off-loaded by a similar method - another ramp of wood.
(c) Tim Warner.
(C) Tim Warner A hydraulic jack hammer was hired to break up the old copings on the platform as they were deteriorating, and being cast concrete were difficult to remove otherwise. Mark Addinall gets stuck into the task, with Dave Barlow and Pete Walker in attendance.
(c) Tim Warner.
(C) Tim Warner When this was combined with the mini digger (driven by Pete Walker), it proved very effective and the copings were well broken up, ready for removal and replacement later. Some of the brickwork was also found to need replacing (amazing what a jack hammer does...) - a job that is being taken care of.
(c) Tim Warner.
(C) Tim Warner At the same time, the opportunity was taken to unload a grampus that contained stone chippings. Some were used to relay the paths through the nature trail and picnic area.
(c) Tim Warner.
(C) Tim Warner The view here is from the platform 'exit' (although it doesn't take you off site) towards the picnic areas, showing the newly laid gravel.
(c) Tim Warner.
(C) William Lister The Halt is seen after the platform edging has been replaced (to the right), and clearly shows the alterations to the waiting shelter and the new nameboard to the left. Another identical board is at the right had side of the platform, out of view.
(c) William Lister.
(C) William Lister The colour scheme for Holywell Halt is BR (NE), the same as Stoneacre, to provide a variety of historical periods along the line. Embsay is LMS, and Bolton Abbey is MR.
(c) William Lister.

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