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Harvest of Steam

The Harvest of Steam takes place once a year, and produces some good opportunities for photography. This is demonstrated by the photogalleries below, most recent first. The older photos can take you back a number of years...

Details for the up and coming event also feature here.

Harvest of Steam Weekend
Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th September 2009

78019 on the Great Central. (C) John Bowler. 2009 will see the gala take palce at the end of September, and will feature BR Standard Class 2 No.78019 visiting from the Great Central Railway for the event only (subject to availability).

Monckton and Darfield will also be on trains, subject to availability, and the event may see the return to traffic of Beatrice.

Regular services will depart from Embsay and Bolton Abbey stations, featuring the normal passenger set of Mk.Is, the Stately Trains six-wheelers as well as demonstration goods trains.

Trains will depart every half hour from both Embsay and Bolton Abbey stations.

On Sunday there will be a bus link to the Priory from Bolton Abbey station, using a heritage bus.

More details and timetables will be posted here shortly.

Photogalleries of Recent Events

 (c) Tim Warner Morayshire was the HUGE visitor for 2008 which generated a lot of interest and made it our busiest gala so far. The LNER loco was ably supported by Monckton and Darfield which both turned in some fantastic performances and impressed visitors! The two BR Green-liveried diesels actually added to the event and provided the rare spectacle of a green 31 on a goods working..

68005 and 68009 alongside each other at Embsay. (c) William Lister. The event in 2006 was planned and replanned several times. In the end we were left with only 68005, 68009 and the Beyer Peacock Works Shunter which was limited to the Bow Bridge section. The Class 107 DMU also ran to enable us to offer more return trips.

A mixed train featureing Mk.Is, two vans and the Southern Railway BY was run alongside the DMU and the Stately Trains 6-wheelers which once more proved popular. 68005 was appearing for her last gala before overhaul, and went out in style, lasting right the way through the weekend with no problems until the last departure from Bolton Abbey, which was double headed with 68009.

Once more a selection of steam-powered vehicles attended, as well as an organ, and there were displays of photographs at both stations.

The J15 entering Stoneacre with the goods. (c) William Lister. To match the 40 years since closure that was commemmorated in the '40 Years Since Beeching' event in 2005, the Harvest of Steam also took on a vaguely BR theme with the visit of the North Norfolk Railway's J15 which arrived principally to assist with the Santa Season trains later on, but which arrived just in time for the event.

From our own fleet, Monckton, Cranford, 140 and 68005 all performed well, and Sentinel Ann was this year employed in a shunting demonstration in the Top Yard at Embsay. Also in attendance were various road steam vehicles which will hopefully return in 2006.

Harvest of Steam 2005 - the gallery of photographs from the event. Marking 40 years since the line between Skipton and Ilkley was closed as part of the Beeching Plan, which subsequently led to the E&BASR we know today.

No.22 at Holywell. (c) Simon Gott. The photos and further details of the 2004 event, which was a huge success in terms of what it offered, can be found on a separate page. Two visiting locomotives were present for the event - No.22 from the Bowes Railway, which was very similar to our own No.22, one of the early locos to operate in preservation on the line, and Peckett No.1438 from Scunthorpe.

From our own fleet, Monckton, Cranford, 140 (newly outshopped in black livery after years as 'Thomas') and 68005 all performed well, and Sentinel Ann made her debut hauling passenger trains with the aid of the Peckett.

Harvest of Steam 2004 - the gallery of photographs from the event. All in all a fitting way to celebrate 25 years of operation with an LRO.


(c) Tim Warner The 2003 event featured 5 steam engines:

  • Monckton No.1
  • Cranford No.2
  • 68005 on Sunday only after repairs
  • Ann on static display for the first time in LMS livery.
  • Thomas (formerly 'Dorothy' on test as station pilot at Embsay.
  • D.2203 press ganged into hauling the Stately Trains 6-wheelers owing to loco failure.

    The Harvest of Steam 2003 was reasonably low-key with few engines available, but the 'goods' train this year was a breakdown train, featuring the operational steam crane as well as appropriate vans and a BG for workers' accommodation. A very favourable review was printed in the Railway press.


    (c) Simon Gott The 2002 event featured 4 steam engines:

  • Monckton No.1 marking her Harvest of Steam return after lengthy overhaul
  • Cranford No.2
  • 68005
  • Annie for the last time before overhaul.
  • Fowler H.W.Robinson acting as Embsay's station pilot. Withdrawn after failing on the Saturday.
  • D.2203 acting as Embsay's station pilot after H.W.Robinson's failure.

    The Harvest of Steam 2002 saw a large, loose-coupled, mixed goods train assembled. Some fine performances were put in by the crews in excellent weather.


    (c) Simon Gott The 2001 event featured 5 steam engines:

  • Lambton Tank No.29 visiting from the NYMR
  • 51218 visiting from the KWVR
  • Cranford No.2
  • 68005
  • Annie

    The Harvest of Steam 2001 saw a large, loose-coupled, mixed goods train assembled. Some fine performances were put in by the crews, despite some very wet weather!

    2000 and earlier

    (c) Andy Lister The Harvest of Steam events in the early days featured pretty much everything that could run, and one unusual feature was the mixed train that was run on several occasions. It is yet to be repeated... Harvest of Steam pre-2001

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