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This page contains details of all the locomotives, carriages and most of the wagons which are based on the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway. Please use the following links to find your way around. IMPORTANT NOTE

The railway has a very large collection of industrial steam locomotives which are restored to very high standards to haul trains. There are also some diesel locomotives, used mainly for shunting and works trains, including ex-BR locos (classes 04, 08 and 14) which can be used to haul passenger trains and an early DMU. Also included are the railcranes.

As well as being involved with the restoration and maintenance of a sizeable fleet of ex-BR Mk I's, the railway also has a number of pre-BR coaches, some of which are in service on regular occasion providing a link back to the past and the "golden era" of railway travel. These are very popular and the fleet is increasing.

The railway's fleet of wagons is large, and comprises many different types and ages, inluding box vans, open wagons, hoppers and tank wagons. More and more of these are being restored for photo charters and use as originally intended. This is especially the case with the engineers wagons.


All the locomotives based on the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway have at some stage in their lives been employed in Industrial service, and the collection represents the Yorkshire Industrial Locomotive builders well. Many are stored awaiting overhaul and not on display, but we hope to be able to rectify this with current developments.

Below are two tables of the locomotives currently based on the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway. Please click on the name of the locomotive to visit a page which includes some pictures and information about that engine.

Norman passing Stoneacre. (C) Ken Snowdon. Visiting Locomotives
In addition to these locomotives which are based on the railway, there have been a number of visiting locomotives on the line. Please see our Visting Locomotives page to find out which locos will be on the railway, and those which have visited in the past.

Currently visiting the Railway are HC 'Samuel Fox & Co. 20 / Jennifer', RSH Austerity 'Norman', L&Y 1300 / BR 52322, BR Class 37, 37294.BR classes 47, 31, and 08 are also currently based here.

Steam Locomotives

Name / Number Builder Condition
68005 / Norman Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn In service
BR 52322 (Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway) In service
Beatrice Hunslet Engine Company In service
Samuel Fox & Co. Ltd. 20 / Jennifer Hudswell Clarke In service
Illingworth (also called Mitchell) Hudswell Clarke Undergoing overhaul - major boilerwork underway for the second time
Annie Peckett Undergoing overhaul - new crankpins being fitted
No. 22 Andrew Barclay Undergoing overhaul - Boiler returned for staying
S121 Primrose No. 2 Hunslet Engine Company Undergoing overhaul - chassis back
Warspite (formerly No. 8 'Sir Robert Peel') Hunslet Engine Company no current progress
S112 Revenge (formerly 'Spitfire') Hunslet Engine Company no current progress
No. 140 Hudswell Clarke Withdrawn for overhaul
Monckton No. 1 Hunslet Engine Company Withdrawn for overhaul
'Thomas' (formerly 'Dorothy') Hudswell Clarke Withdrawn for overhaul
Ann Sentinel In store
York No. 1 Yorkshire Engine Company In store - some components being overhauled
BEA No. 2 Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn In store - awaiting overhaul
Slough Estates No. 5 Hudswell Clarke Off site - undergoing overhaul
Airedale Hunslet Engine Company Overhaul awaited
South Hetton No. 69 Hunslet Engine Company In store - awaiting overhaul - some components being overhauled
S134 Wheldale Hunslet Engine Company In store - awaiting overhaul

Diesel Locomotives & Plant

Name / Number Builder Condition
D.2203 / 11103 BR (Vulcan Drewry) Operational- REPAINTED
Meaford No. 1 Barclay Operational
No. 887 Ruston Hornsby Operational - Repainted
No. 38 / D.9513 BR (Swindon) Operational
No. 36 Hudswell Clarke Engine being stripped
08 054 BR In Store - awaiting overhaul
H. W. Robinson Fowler Undergoing overhaul
4200003 Fowler In store - awaiting overhaul
NER Autocar North Eastern Railway Awaiting Restoration
Wickham Trolley Wickham Test running required
'The Bug' or 'Clockwork Orange' Bagulay Drewry Dismantled
Battery truck (non-rail) Greenwood & Batley Operational

Rail Cranes

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