Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway

Visiting Locomotives

Currently on the railway is:
Samuel Fox & Co. Ltd. No.20 / Jennifer is a Hudswell Clarke side tank, built in 1942 as their works number 1731. Now based on the Llangollen Railway, it spent its life working at a steelworks before entering preservation and undergoing a very thorough rebuild. It arrived at Embsay in October 2013, but is awaiting work to be done on it befre it can enter traffic. Samuel Fox / Jennifer. (C) Tim Warner.
1300 / 52322 is a Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway A-Class / Class 27, built by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway in 1895 at their Horwich Works as part of a class of 484. It is the sole survivor and is currently running in BR livery as 52322, having spent a lot of time in L&Y liveries. It is currently based at Embsay and will visit other lines as well. 52322 at Skibeden during a photocharter. (C) Simon Gott.
Norman is an Austerity owned by Southern Locomotives Limited, based on the South Coast at Swanage. It originally worked at Askern Colliery, where it happened to be photographed by one of our members! It arrived mid-way through its overhaul, with a lot of time and effort having gone into the loco previously, but a lot of finishing work to do, and new components to make. The locomotive was compelted in our workshops and entered traffic in time for the 2011 season. It was repainted as a pseudo-BR loco, 68005, for the 125th Anniversary weekend. Norman leaving Stoneacre. (C) Ken Snowdon.

37 294 was been brought to the Railway by its new owner in time for the 2009 Diesel Gala. It has been run on several occasions subsequently, and the acquisition of a steam heat boiler in a van gives it greater scope for future operations. Attention is turning to its bodywork in 2011, which will also see it repainted, shed space permitting. 37294 upon arrival. (c) Tim Warner

D.5600 is another of the Newton Heath Diesel Traction Group's Class 31s and has been on the line for a while in storage. It featured in the 2008 Diesel and Steam Galas and a new home is being sought by its owners. D.5600 with the goods during the 2008 Steam Gala. (C) Matthew Fisher.
D.1524 has arrived at Embsay, entering presevation having been bought by the Newton Heath Diesel Traction Group. Former EWS celebrity Class 47 (47 004), having been painted up in two-tone green for an open day, it also has a steam-heat boiler, which makes it a strong candidate to provide the back-up for the Santa Specials in November and December. It has taken part in two successful Diesel Weekends and has also taken a couple of service trains as well. Work is ongoing to reinstate the steam heat boiler, which has needed far more work than anticipated. D.1524 before entering preservation. (C) Newton Heath Traction Group.

08 773 has been visiting the Railway since the 2006 season from the Newton Heath Diesel Traction Group. It has fulfilled the role of yard shunter and made apperances at the Diesel Weekends. 08 773 at Embsay shortly after arrival. (C) Robert Milner.

31 119 initially arrived for the 2006 season from the Newton Heath Traction Group. It made its official debut in preservation during the March Diesel Weekend, and has featured in all the subsequent events. It now carries a very smart Railfreight redstripe livery, having previously been in Dutch. Currently it acts as a standby loco, but also has rostered turns during the events and hopefully will get further turns arranged. 31 119 running in at Embsay on crew training. (C) William Lister.
Soon to arrive is:

Sir Berkeley visited the Railway as part of the 125th Anniversary celebrations in October 2013. It is a Manning Wardle & Co. L-class, built in 1890 and is typical of contractors' locomotives that were used in the building of many lines. It is owned by the Vintage Carriage Trust at Ingrow, and made a very good impression over the weekend! Sir Berkeley with the goods train at Bolton Abbey. (C) Tim Warner.
6619 is a Great Western 0-6-2T, built in 1928 by Swindon Works, to a design by C.B.Collett. The 56xx Class was specially designed for work in South Wales, replacing the elderly, worn-out locomotives that had been 'inherited' in 1923. They were built to work heavy coal trains, but were later dispersed further afield. The locomotive was rescued from Barry Scrapyard by owners P.Proud and K.Gould, and restored for use on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, where it has been based up to now. Extensive modifications have been made to improve the locomotive, resulting in a super machine! Its owners put it up for sale, but it was based at Embsay for this period. Subsequently sold to the Kent & East Sussex Railway. 6619 at Bow Bridge. (C) Tim Warner.
5643 returned to Embsay at the beginning of November 2010 for another Santa Season, having found favour with the crews and visitors alike the previous year. She returned to the Furness Railway Trust after some mechanical work was carried out on site at Embsay prior to Easter 2011, having had a successful run of operation with us. Photo to follow.
Darfield No.1 arrived back at the Railway as a visiting engine, initially for a one year period from June 2008 from her current hom, the Llangollen Railway. She has proved to be of great value, and has done a sterling job (She was formerly based at Embsay until the late 1980s.) Darfield headed home after the 2010 Santa's Specials season. Darfield at Embsay during the Steam Gala. (C) Tim Warner.
To confuse matters, ANOTHER No.22! This one was an Austerity, hired on a short term basis when Cumbria was withdrawn with a crack in the firebox. She came to Embsay from the Nene Valley Railway, but is normally based at Scunthorpe. Photo to follow
Cumbria was on loan to the Railway from Easter 2010 for a 1-year period, although suffered a cracked firebox, prompting an early withdrawal from traffic for a full overhaul. After a fairly low-key start to her time at Embsay, she improved with better steaming and fewer problems as crews came to know her. Many thanks to the Furness Railway Trust for the loan of their loco. Photo to follow
78019 visited the Railway for the Steam Gala in September 2009 from the Great Central Railway. It is a BR Standard Class 2 tender engine and made for an interesting visitor. Many thanks to John Bowler for permission to use his photograph. 78019 on the Great Central. (C) John Bowler.
Pannier 6435 came to Embsay to assist with the Santa Specials in 2008. It had a very long journey up from Bodmin and Wenford, who had only just purchased the locomotive themselves! It proved to be a very capable machine in great condition and was greatly appreciated byt he crews and public alike. 6435 enters Stoneacre from Bolton Abbey with a 5-coach special. (c) Tim Warner
Morayshire, LNER Class D49/1, visited the Railway very briefly for the 2008 Steam Gala. It was a very popular visitor and drew much attention, this being its first visit to a preserved Railway in England EVER, and the first time it had run South of the border since 1975! A gallery of photos from the event can be found here.  (c) Tim Warner
33 109 visited for the 2008 Diesel Weekend.
Pannier No.1369 arrived at Embsay for the 2007 Santa season from the South Devon Railway. It carries full Great Western livery and a bell from its Weymouth Harbour days. It took part with 140, double heading trains and proved to be a very capable locomotive which was enjoyed by crews and passengers alike. 1369 with 140 at Stoneacre. (c) Tim Warner.
Jinty No.47324 visited the Railway from the East Lancs very briefly in July 2007 in exchange for 140 attending their Anniversary celebrations. It hauled services on three days, and we look forward to the possibility of it visiting again (and for longer) at some point in the future. No.47324 departing Embsay for Bow Bridge at the end of its brief visit. (C) Tim Warner.
Jessie visited the line for the early part of the 2007 season. Built as Hunslet Works Number 1973 in 1937, it is a 48150 class, a forerunner of the Austerity class of which we have several examples. It is also extremely similar to Revenge, the only main differences being cosmetic. She performed very well, and once Revenge has returned to steam (and Airedale) it will be interesting to gather various Hunslets together... Jessie undergoing a test steaming at Embsay. (C) Tim Warner.
20 189 came back to the Railway for the 2006 Diesel Weekend at the end of March as it was very kindly offered by Michael Owen having been involved in construction work on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link project. It spent the rest of the year stored at Bolton Abbey having some work carried out before it can go back out on hire. It will feature in the Diesel Weekend before its return to work. 20 189 at Bolton Abbey with the Class 107 DMu shortly after arrival. (C) William Lister.
68009 visited the line for the 2006 main season. Built as Hunslet Works Number 3825, but following the discovery that its boiler was carried by BR 68009 (ex-LNER No.8009), it has been renumbered as such. Christened by some of the footplate crews as 'Bagpuss' (to go with The Mog...) Following attention and some slight modifications to improve its steaming it entered traffic and has proved very capable on our line. It left in late December 2006 for boiler repairs and should be back during 2007 for an extended stay (t.b.c.) 68009 passing Holywell. (C) William Lister.

The Beyer Peacock works' shunter visited the line for the 2006 main season to haul the Stately Trains. Normally based at Foxfield, this loco was the Beyer Peacock Works' own loco, having been rebuilt at several different stages in its life (it has also been a crane tank!). Unfortunately the loco was in poor mechanical condition and despite the Railway's best efforts its only real 'work' was taking part in the gala with a short goods. Photo to follow shortly!
Blue Circle visited the Railway for the 2006 Day out with Thomas events, playing the part of 'Fergus' from the stories. It is hoped that it will visit again and maybe develop this role a bit further... Blue Circle at the Bluebell Railway. (C) Phil Marsh.

6430 visited the Railway again for the Easter 2006 Day out with Thomas in April before heading back to the Llangollen Railway. Its brief visit was once more greatly appreciated and enjoyed by those who had the oppportunity to crew it. 6430 on a chater at Bolton Abbey last time she visited. (C) Tim Warner.
GER J15 (built in 1912) visited the Railway from the North Norfolk Railway from mid October until December 2005, where it provided the additional loco required for the Santa Specials, as well as taking part in photo charters and the 2005 Harvest of Steam. A lot of work was carried out on this loco, and it has now gone back to the North Norfolk where it should prove more successful than previously. A lovely engine that will continue to improve.
(c) William Lister.
The J15 on a goods train. (c) William Lister
GWR Pannier Tank No.6430 (built in 1937) from the Llangollen Railway visited the Railway between 17th August and 6th September 2005 to aid with services and provide some variety for the August Bank Holiday weekend Day out with Thomas event. While the loco was on loan it also featured in a couple of photo charters and some other days running. The first photocharter featured some loaded dogfish hoppers and the GW Toad brakevan, and was much enjoyed by all present. A gallery of pictures from this can be found here.
(c) Simon Gott
6430 at Llangollen. (c) Simon Gott
Jinty 47279 visited from the Worth Valley for the 40 Years Since Beeching event in March 2005 and a Day Out With Thomas the same Easter. Details can be found lower down the page, together with links to photographs of it working at Embsay. Although Jintys did not work regular services over the line in BR days, there were several shedded at Skipton, which could quite conceivably have traversed the line at some point.
(c) Tim Warner
Jinty at Skibeden during a photocharter. (c) Tim Warner
Barclay No.22 visited the Railway for the Harvest of Steam in 2004 from the Bowes Railway. It is a 14" Barclay no.2274 of 1949, and the only surviving engine to have been bought new by the original Bowes Railway. No.22 is a sister loco to our own Barclay, also No.22! It worked at Bowes for four years, being transferred to collieries in the Tanfield area before returning once more to Bowes. After rail traffic ceased she was moved to St. Anthony's Tar Works, Newcstle, where she worked until 1973. From here she moved back to the Bowes, this time in the preservation era.
(c) Tim Warner
No.22 in Embsay station during hte Harves of Steam. (C) Tim Warner

Peckett No.1438 visited the Railway in Summer 2004 when it was thought that Cranford had failed with serious boiler trouble, and was expected to haul the Stately Trains service. Unfortunately, it ran hot despite efforts to cure it, and also showed signs of requiring new piston rings. However, it looked the part, and took part in the 1940s Weekend and the Harvest of Steam.

15" Peckett built in 1916, Peckett Works No.1438. It worked for the City of Birmingham Electric Company from new as 'Neschelles No.1' until 1970 when it moved to Northampton Power Station as a standby locomotive. When it was sold for scrap in 1975 it was purchased for preservarion, initially based at the East Anglian Railway Museum, but following a further change of ownership it was sold to Chris Theaker in 1990/91, moved to Scunthorpe and restored.

(c) Tim Warner
Peckett 1438 during the 1940s Weekend. (C) Tim Warner

Class 24 D.5054 visited the Railway from the East Lancashire Railway. It hauled trains for the Easter 2004 Day out with Thomas event, and remained on site for quite a while afterwards, acting as a rescue loco whilst our other diesels were out of traffic. Hopefully we will be able to hire it again at some point in the future.
(c) Tim Warner
(C) Tim Warner
BR Jinty 47279 built by the LMS in 1924, surviving into preservation via Barry Scrapyard. It was bought by the KWVR and restored to full running order, and in 2001 returned to traffic after a second overhaul in preservation. The loco visited for three weeks, returning to the Worth Valley in September 2003 along with 140 as Thomas. The Jinty was booked to have appeared in a photo charter, but when this was cancelled, the Railway stepped in and ran two members' charters instead, photos of which can be found on the website. It visited again for the August Thomas event in 2004.
(c) Tim Warner
(C) Tim Warner
This 0-4-0ST is 100 years old, having been built for the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway in 1901. It saw service in L & Y, LMS and BR days before being purchased for preservation on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. As part of its 100th 'birthday' celebrations it came to Embsay to run with Stephen Middleton's L & Y Director's Saloon, and took part in the Vintage Weekend.
(c) Simon Gott
(C) Simon Gott

Lambton No. 29 visited the railway again during Summer 2001, on loan from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Last time it proved both popular and capable, this being repeated during 2001. From its arrival hauled some of the service trains and featured in the re-arranged Vintage Weekend. Built in 1904 by Kitsons, this 0-6-2T worked for the Lambton Hetton and Joicey Collieries before preservation. Here it is seen with the goods train. Details of the loco can be found at: www.lambtonlocomotivestrust.co.uk.
(c) Simon Gott
(C) Simon Gott

The railway has had a very unusual visitor - an ex-BR locomotive which isn't steam! Mike Owen (who also part owns the Class 107 DMU) brought his Class 20 (20 189) to the railway to act as a rescue / standby locomotive, and to make sure that the Class 20 is kept in operating condition. It has been used on trains to help Cranford during the Santa's Specials, and also as part of one of the Day out with Thomas events over Easter. It has now headed off to work on the Channel Tunnel rail link.
(c) William Lister
(C) William Lister

The railway had ex-Manchester Ship Canal Railway No. 70 visiting between September and mid-January 2001. It dates back to 1921, when it was built by Hudswell Clarke as an 0-6-0T. Upon arrival at the railway it needed some repairs before entering traffic hauling the vintage train. However, since hauling some of the winter trains, the loco has failed due to leaking tubes, stays and firebox door surround, resulting in its earlier than expected move back to Preston.
(c) Robert Milner
(C) Robert Milner

For 2000, Lambton, Hetton and Joicey Collieries No. 29 was visiting the railway - its first appearance away from the NYMR, its home. It proved very popular with people travelling whilst it was here, and was used for a number of other workings, including some ballasting runs. The picture shows the locomotive hauling a passenger train as it enters the loop at Stoneacre from Bolton Abbey.
(c) Tim Warner
(C) Tim Warner

A very useful visitor came in the form of Whiston, on loan from the Foxfield Railway. It is a standard Austerity loco, very similar to Wheldale, Monkton, 68005 and 69, as well as the newly arrived No.8. Here it is seen leaving Bolton Abbey Station and passing through Hambleton Cutting.
(c) Simon Gott
(C) Simon Gott

1999 saw the arrival of 'Damelza' (formerly 'Empress') to the railway, but unfortunately the locomotive was not up to running the line, making only one or two trips before being confined to station limits. This was a great shame as the locomotive was certainly powerful enough to haul trains on the line. Here it is seen against Embsay signalbox.
(c) Robert Milner
(C) Robert Milner

In 1998, the visiting locomotive was the J27 (or NER P3), which also proved very popular, especially on a photographer's charter along with the railway's hopper wagons. The photo shows the J27 with the hoppers on a different occasion, passing through Platform 2 at Bolton Abbey (despite the fact that there is no platform).
(c) Stephen Walker / Robert Milner
(C) Stephen Walker (C) Stephen Walker (C) Robert Milner

The line has also played host to LMS 4F 4422, seen here in platform 2 at Embsay during a shunting move (trains cannot depart from platform 2 towards Bolton Abbey at present).
(c) Stephen Walker
(C) Stephen Walker

An unusual visitor to the railway was the Middleton Railway's sentinel locomotive (seen here waiting to depart from platform 2 at Embsay). Whilst it was based on the line it became the first locomotive to reach the beginning of Stoneacre Loop, on a P-Way working.
(c) Charles Boylan
(C) Charles Boylan

To celebrate the railway's centenary in 1988, two locomotives were hired, the first being Bellerophon which came from the Vintage Carriage Trust on the Worth Valley railway. This was a very well liked engine, and it is seen here in Skibeden Loop, preparing to run round its train before propelling it into Holywell Halt.
(c) Charles Boylan
(C) Charles Boylan

The second locomotive visiting in 1988 was Joem (a J72 built in BR days) from the NELPG, based on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Here it is seen in platform 2 at Embsay, waiting to depart for Bow Bridge Loop. Joem had been here before, and was steamed once for a trial run during the mid 70s, so it was quite nice to have it back once more.
(c) Charles Boylan
(C) Charles Boylan

Also based on the railway at an earlier stage was 16" Hunslet Darfield No. 1, a sister locomotive to both Beatrice and Primrose. The loco left the railway in 1986/87 and moved to the Llangollen, before working on the East Lancs. Here it is seen in Embsay Station, complete with a face! The loco is now back on the Llangollen Railway, and details can be found on: http://www.llangollen-railway.co.uk/stock/steam/darf.html.
(c) Dave Outibridge
(C) Dave Outibridge

Also resident on the line in the 70s was a now well known 8F, undergoing early stages of restoration. Now 48151 can be seen on the main line after some very hard work to restore it. It is seen here alongside the shed, just prior to a shunting move which saw York No. 1 coupled to its tender!
(c) Charles Boylan
(C) Charles Boylan

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