18th September 2018 update:  It’s unlikely that we will be able to provide steam motive power on Tuesday this week.  We have one engine away visiting another railway (Taff Vale 85), another undergoing preparation work for its boiler exam (Beatrice), GWR 5643 having repairs undertaken on its tubes and regulator box, Cumbria waiting for an issue with its regulator and injectors to be fixed, and our last steam engine (Illingworth) is not suitable for the long trains which we run.

We are working our socks off to try and get GWR 5643 fixed, but we cannot promise it will be available and so its likely that the trains will be hauled by our class 37 or class 14 diesel locos on Tuesday.

We expect that trains will be steam-hauled again at the weekend as we are expecting Taff Vale 85 to return to Embsay and also we are hopeful that at least one of our other engines will be returning to traffic.

Diesel Locomotives

We’ve a large number of historic diesels, used for special events and diesel running days.  A group of our volunteers known as the ‘Dales Diesel Group’ restore and maintain our fleet.  More info: dalesdieselgroup.co.uk  On Father’s Day, (Saturday 18th June 2017) you can ride in the cab of one our historic diesels, for just £45 (which includes 12 months membership and a day rover)


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