Carriage Shed Appeal

During 2017, we’re extending our carriage shed.

Unlike previous major projects where we’ve needed bank loans, we’re aiming to pay for the Carriage shed extension directly without resorting to expensive loans.

We’re confident we can pay for the shed this way due to the success of 2016 which saw a financial surplus improve the railway’s position significantly.  We have no reason to expect 2017 to be significantly different. On this basis we will be going ahead with a firm contract to construct the extension as soon as we have the money to do so.

This is where you can help!

If we are able to secure enough donations and loans then we will start the project sooner rather than later.  The cost of the shed is expected to be in the region of £32k – £39k (depending on the length) – however we don’t need all the money at the start of the project – all we need is a couple of thousand for the foundations and enough to pay for a deposit on the steelwork.

Can you help us with a donation to the project, or an interest-free loan to get the project moving?  We anticipate paying the loans back after 6-12 months.

There is an urgency about the project because:

  • If we are able to place a firm order quickly, then we will save a significant amount by avoiding the forthcoming rise in steel prices
  • We have two Mark 1 coaches under restoration in which we have invested huge amounts of time and money.  It’s imperative that when these coaches are completed, they are not left to rust away in the rain
  • The rate at which our Mark 1’s deteriorate when stored outside costs us much more each year than the cost of a carriage shed to protect them.  The shed will actually save us more money that what it will cost to build.

Make it longer!

  • Donations or loans will facilitate a longer shed: every £3500 raised will add another 5m bay
  • Legacy of £2,500 from Andrew Smith has already given the fundraising a head start
  • Three working members have now offered the railway loans, but we need more – can you help?

Please get in touch with us if you are able to help, or make a donation either through the form below, through one of the directors or through Stephen Walker the Business and Marketing Manager. CONTACT US


Donate to the Carriage Shed Extension Fund


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