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NCB No. 38 (D.9513)

(C) Stephen Walker A rarity on the railway - an ex-BR locomotive! The Class 14's were failures in terms of when they were withdrawn from BR service, but a lot were purchased for industrial use (48 out of the 56 which were built), and had longer careers there. D. 9513 was built in 1964 at BR Swindon, being an 0-6-0 diesel hydraulic (following Western Region practice) of 650hp. However, it only worked for BR for four years, being withdrawn in 1968. Fortunately it was bought by an industrial concern, and in its industrial career it became NCB No. 38, eventually based at Ashington Colliery, Northumberland, until the railway system was closed and it was sold, coming to Embsay in 1987.

(C) Dave Outibridge On arrival, a number of small defects were attended to, and the loco's paintwork was tidied up, before it began to be used for shunting. Further work was carried out and eventually it hauled some passenger trains, as can be seen in these photographs, taken by Stephen Walker and Dave Outibridge. However, owing to its wiring and wheel profiles (which were atrocious), it was withdrawn for a comprehensive rebuild, which is continuing to date. We look forward to having this loco back in traffic as it can handle the job of rescue locomotive better than the 04, D.2203.

(C) Rob Milner (C) Rob Milner
No.38 running following its successful starting up. (c) Tim Warner. (C) Fred Kerr When it is completed, it will retain its NCB blue livery as it spent most of its working life in industrial ownership, and also most of the other preserved Class 14s are in the BR livery, or similar.

The loco has now been started up following additional work - see the photo on the right or try this clip for proof! Thanks to Les for his efforts to assist the rest of the D&P team. (Video clip requires Quicktime or similar - oh, and could do with being rotated 90 degrees...)

Left photo: (c) Fred Kerr. Many thanks for permission to use this photo on the website.

(C) Rob Milner (C) Rob Milner
The above photos show the Class 14 outside for the first time in quite a while as it was shunted round in the shed to allow work to focus on its completion. Seeing the sunlight it is seen in the top yard in the company of M.D.H.B. No.36, the Class 14 is shunted. Work has since seen the loco turn blue and shiny once more and a lot of effort is currently going into tackling its cooling problems. These stem from the theft of its original radiators before it entered preservation. The cooler group is in the process of being modified to take elements fitted to other locos (56s or 47s??) which will provide much better cooling than the truck radiator it initially ran with. Below are some pictures (and a Quicktime clip) of the loco on test and also performing some shunting in preparationf or the 2008 Steam Gala.
D.9513 entering Bolton Abbey for the first time. (C) Tim Warner D.9513 on a test train at Bolton Abbey. (C) Tim Warner D.9513 on a test train, leaving Bolton Abbey. (C) Tim Warner D.9513 shunting in preparation for the Harvest of Steam. (C) Tim Warner Inside the cab of D.9513. (C) Tim Warner D.9513 with the goods climbing towards Draughton. (C) Tim Warner D.9513 with the goods climbing towards Draughton. (C) Tim Warner
2009's Diesel Gala should see the loco make its proper debut into full service, following the completion of the cooler group work.

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