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(C) William Lister
The ex-BR class 08 (08 700) arrived on the Railway in July 2004 in a non-operational state. Its owners are currently refitting parts and repainting it to enable it to return to service as a shunter and rescue loco, taking over from the 04, D.2203. A repaint was carried out to enable it to take the part of 'Diesel' at the August 2004 Day out with Thomas, and it will retain this livery for a while yet, before heading back into BR green with wasp striped ends.

08 700 upon arrival. (C) William Lister 08 700 upon arrival. (C) William Lister

D.3867 was built at Horwich in 1960, one of the many Class 08 diesel locomotives designed for shunting and trip workings. Its allocations during its life were:

Allocation Date
Lancaster Jan 1960
Saltley Nov 1960
Bescot Apr 1965
Walsall Apr 1966
Bescot Apr 1967
Bescot May 1973
In June 1974, under the TOPS renumbering, D.3867 was re-numbered 08 700, which it retained until arrival at Embsay. Other dates and incidents worthy of note are: its "Classified Repair" which took place at Swindon in December 1985; and 1995, the year in which it was stored serviceable. Since then it has had its cab fittings stripped out, air brake facilities removed and little attention paid to it.

Currently it is having the missing parts re-fitted, and further work to get it running again. Unfortunately, it has been discovered that one of the traction motors has seized, requiring its replacement. This is in hand, but will initially have all the rest of the work completed before the spare can be obtained. Re-connecting (and locating) the wiring is the current focus, along with providing the braking systems. The loco has turned out to be in worse condition than anticipated, but this has almost been rectified. Although built as air-braked only, it will be running as dual braked, making use of spares acquired for others being dismantled.

Loco has been sold and will be leaving shortly

More photos of D.3867 at Embsay

(c) Tim Warner With rods removed, as well as body panels, 08 700 looks something of a wreck in the new shed at Embsay, a couple of days after it entered.
(c) Tim Warner.
(c) Tim Warner Another view of the loco inside the shed, showing the lack of front steps (which will be re-instated). Apparantly they were removed to prevent accidents with overhead electrification.
(c) Tim Warner.
(c) Tim Warner One week on and Tom Ireland (apprentice to the Marrows) is seen at work with a needle gun on the rear of the cab, taking the loco down to bare metal before the repaint can begin.
(c) Tim Warner.
(c) Tim Warner John Marrow senior is at work inside the engine bay of the loco, having cleaned up the surface it is now receiving a coat of paint.
(c) Tim Warner.
(c) Tim Warner John Marrow junior (owner) is at work trying to remove the pin from the hinge on the box lid. All large, easily removeable body components have now been removed and cleaned up, ready for painting. The bufferbeams and buffers are currently red, and the rest of the loco is bright metal.
(c) Tim Warner.

Repaint completed - Thomas event - August 2004

(c) Tom Ireland (c) Tom Ireland (c) Tom Ireland

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