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We've now launched the online version of the shop which currently boasts nearly 200 titles across a diverse range of topics, from Beer, Railways, Canals, Photography, Military History, Maritime and much more!  Visit www.embsaybookshop.co.uk to browse out online stock.


John Keavey Bookshop at Embsay Station

John Keavey was a founder member of the railway, a man full of ideas and ahead of his time. John was the founder of the Embsay Railway bookshop, a keen industrial archaeologist he organized Summer schools at the railway in the early 1970s and published many books and pamphlets on the subject. John’s enthusiasm and positive attitude was a key driver in the development of the railway. His love of books was such that I believe that had he not devoted all his time and energy to the railway’s development he would have opened his own bookshop specialising in industrial heritage, transport and railways.


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