We’ve a variety of carriages and wagons in frequent use.  Our main stock consists of historic Mark 1 coaches built for British Railways in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  These are the steel-bodied vehicles which have been restored by our volunteers to their original maroon livery.

The Edwardian and Victorian wooden carriages belong to the ‘Stately Trains’ fleet.  Frequently, you will find one of the ‘Stately Trains’ saloons attached to a rake of Mark 1 carriages.  We can offer a First Class service for a small premium (on most days) to ride in the Stately Trains saloon.  These saloons offer superior all-round views, and for half of the trip you will be next to the steam engine – you’ll be able to hear it working hard and almost feel the steam engine at the head of the train! A truly memorable experience!

The Stately Trains fleet are frequently used on two-train days and for the ‘Evening Eats‘ services through the summer.

We also have a number of wagons utilised on ‘Goods Trains Days’ and other special events, in addition to their essential use for us as part of our engineering and Permanent Way Trains.

Both the Mark 1’s, the Stately Trains and the Wagons are all available to hire for private charters, weddings, functions and film productions.

Mark 1 Fleet


Built: 1951-1963

Original use: British Railways

Construction: Painted steel bodies

Stately Trains



Built: 1877 onwards

Construction: Wooden bodies, steel under frames.

Owned by Stephen Middleton, Stately Trains


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