Norman / NCB No. 35

Built: 1943 Robert Stephenson’s Locomotive, Newcastle upon Tyne, Works number 7086/43 Original use: 154 Railway Operating Company, Long Marston, 24th April 1943 in khaki livery, in readiness for the D-Day landings. Number WD5050 August 1944: Moved to the Longmoor Military railway, renumbered 75050. December 1944: shipped to France and traveled to the SNCB depot at Antwerp Dam. Utilised for local services over the next six months, it was then transferred to 155 Railway Workshops Company in May for wheel turning, returning to Antwerp, but this time the ‘south’ sheds. 19th February 1946: returned to the UK and was bought by Doncaster Amalgamated Colliery Ltd, numbered No. 35. Early 1960’s it was fitted with a Gas Producer firebox and a Kylpor exhaust. 1970: Moved to Askern Main colliery. 1976: Sold to the Titanic Steamship Company. 1979: Sold to the Kent & East Sussex Railway, re-numbered No. 27. Now owned by Southern Locomotive Group, and on hire to Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway.  The engine briefly masqueraded as another Austerity, No. 69.  The true ‘No. 69’ is currently awaiting restoration in our back sidings. Norman now carries its NCB works number 35.


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