Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway

S121 Primrose No. 2

(C) Charles Boylan This locomotive has been one of the main engines for the railway since it arrived until very recently. The first photograph shows it in September 1976, shortly after arrival as it stands in Embsay Station being inspected. It had previously worked at Peckfield Colliery, Micklefield, for the NCB, having been built in Leeds by Hunslets in 1952, works number 3715, to their standard 16" design.

(C) Charles Boylan This second photograph shows the locomotive paired with 'Darfield No. 1', also a 16" hunslet design, which is now based on the Llangollen Railway. This photograph was taken on the 30th of September 1984 at Skibeden during the 'Harvest of Steam' event. This was shortly before Primrose was withdrawn for an overhaul, carried out by the railway's Loco Department.

(C) Charles Boylan (C) Charles Boylan Primrose emerged from overhaul in December 1989 and went back into traffic, performing very well on the line as it was extended first to Stoneacre Loop and then on to Bolton Abbey. The locomotive is very capable of the job it has performed, and can handle six coaches with apparant ease, even though there is a good climb from Bolton Abbey back towards Embsay.

Towards the end of 1999, however, there was a setback for the locomotive when it was discovered to have a crack in its firebox which was deemed to be unrepairable. As it was nearing the end of its boiler certificate, a decision was made to withdraw the engine, pending a full overhaul which will see it fitted with a new firebox.

The boiler was sent away some time ago for overhaul, which has included the fitting of a brand new firebox. The chassis was partially dismantled, and sent away for an overhaul. Its return in 2008 has meant work can continue on site to complete the chassis in time for the boiler returning. No firm date has been set for completion.

More photos of Primrose at Embsay

(c) Charles Adams Primrose before going to Embsay, seen here alongside S.100 - sister loco to 140, presumably at Peckfield.
(c) Charles Adams.
(c) Charles Adams Primrose in the very early days at Embsay. Whether it is arriving or heading away is unclear - the engine has been based here twice under different owners.
(c) Charles Adams.
(c) Charles Adams (c) Charles Adams Primrose and No.22 in the station at Embsay while 22 was being repainted. Primrose at Bow Bridge with the passenger train.
(c) Charles Adams.
(c) Charles Adams
(c) Charles Adams Primrose and No.22 with the reopening train at the ceremony in May 1979.
(c) Charles Adams.
(c) Charles Adams (c) Charles Adams
(c) Andy Lister Primrose and No.22 head the re-opening train into Embsay station from Bow Bridge in May 1979. It was fitting that these two locomotives should take charge of the first service train back to Bolton Abbey too.
(c) Andy Lister.
(c) Robert Milner Primrose, not long after overhaul in 1989 or 1990 with a demonstration goods train in Embsay's platform 2.
(c) Robert Milner.
(c) M.G.Riley Primrose receives a good hosing down prior to going out during a special event day. Locos are prepared on what was once the cattle dock, but is now the coal dock, at Embsay.
(c) M. G. Riley.
(c) Robert Milner Primrose, again pictured with No.22, arriving at and then heading out from Bolton Abbey station in 1997 on the first passenger service since closure in 1965.
(c) Robert Milner.
(c) Robert Milner
(c) Charles Adams Primrose and Annie at Bolton Abbey and Primrose and 68005 with the official reopening train in 1998.
(c) Charles Adams.
(c) Charles Adams
(c) Stephen Walker Primrose at Bolton Abbey alongside the very bright signalbox, wearing its authentic Midland Railway colours.
(c) Stephen Walker.

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