Lamp Collection

(c) Tim Warner The collection has been moved into the Refreshment Rooms at Bolton Abbey and is once more on display to the public. The collection is thought to be the largest collection of pressure lamps on public view in the country. The two major makes (Tilley and Vapourlux / BiAladdin) are on view, as well as a large collection of other oil burning lamps and heaters. More information will be added shortly to the displays. The photographs show it in its previous location.

(c) Tim Warner Please note that the collection is NOT for sale.

New lamps can be bought from Bolton Abbey station shop.

(c) Tim Warner The photographs on this page show the interior of the General Waiting Room at Bolton Abbey station, and the lamp collection that is housed within.

The photograph at the top of the page shows the display charting the development of the Tilley lamp up to the present day, with many examples to illustrate it.

The other two photographs show the various other lamps and heaters, also displaying original spares and copies of original publicity material. Worth a look when waiting for your train or visiting!

If you want a lamp of your own, new ones are available for purchase in the shop adjacent to the waiting room.