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Harvest of Steam

(c) Simon Gott The 2001 event featured 5 steam engines:

  • Lambton Tank No.29 visiting from the NYMR
  • 51218 visiting from the KWVR
  • Cranford No.2
  • 68005
  • Annie

    The Harvest of Steam saw a large, loose-coupled, mixed goods train assembled. Some fine performances were put in by the crews, despite some very wet weather!

    Here are some of the photos from the event.

    (c) Tim Warner The 2001 event was postponed due to the Foot & Mouth outbreaks; this limited photographers to the roads. The start of the days sees the visiting Lambton Tank (No. 29) head off from Embsay with the mixed goods. Seen here approaching Skibeden Summit.
    (c) Tim Warner.
    (c) Tim Warner The L&Y Society's Pug was the other visitor for the event, and was paired, among other things, with the vintage train comprising three Victorian vehicles. It has just passed under Skibeden footbridge heading for Embsay.
    (c) Tim Warner.
    (c) Tim Warner A few moments later and this view of the train was afforded from the back lane. There is remarkably little to date the photograph (despite the inconsistencies in the liveries of the train!).
    (c) Tim Warner.
    (c) Simon Gott On a later run, the Pug brings the vintage train down the gradient into Stoneacre Loop from Embsay.
    (c) Simon Gott.
    (c) Simon Gott On its way back from Bolton Abbey the Pug passes under the bracket signal with evidence (in the smoke) that some fresh coal has just been put on the fire.
    (c) Simon Gott.
    (c) Simon Gott Same location, same train; different loco! Annie provides the halage on this occasion - this was the vintage train operation for 2001 which proved so successful.
    (c) Simon Gott.
    (c) Simon Gott Cranford enters the loop with its own smokescreen with a service train during the event. The service trains that ran had both first class compartments and a Gresley Restaurant Car. Luxury!
    (c) Simon Gott.
    (c) Simon Gott The Lambton Tank has left Hambleton Cutting and is now running parallel to the main A59 creating something of a spectacle for the motorists with the demonstration goods train!
    (c) Simon Gott.
    (c) Tim Warner Viewed from Prior's Lane, the same train approaches Prior's Lane bridge and Stoneacre Loop along the embankment.
    (c) Tim Warner.
    (c) Simon Gott On a different run, the goods train enters Stoneacre from Bolton Abbey with the footplate crew looking as though they are enjoying it!
    (c) Simon Gott.
    (c) Tim Warner With the rain falling more heavily, the goods passes through Stoneacre once more on its way to Bolton Abbey. This was the final run of the day, and the guard (and helpers) brave the elements to stand away from the warmth of the stove.
    (c) Tim Warner.
    (c) Simon Gott Cranford brings the goods down the grade towards Hambleton Cutting, with the rain still in evidence.
    (c) Simon Gott.
    (c) Tim Warner On the way back to Embsay, Cranford passes the photographer with the goods immediately prior to entering Stoneacre Loop. The wet weather is still evident, but despite this it was a sight worth seeing!
    (c) Tim Warner.
    (c) Tim Warner This photo was taken from the signalbox as the same train waits in the loop for the staff to be handed over. A rather wet guard makes a quick inspection of the train before heading back to Embsay at the end of the day.
    (c) Tim Warner.
    (c) Tim Warner The second day featured more locos in action (I think some of the above photos were from the Suanday, but this one definitely is as I was walking the line at the time putting keys back in!). This was the last train of the day which saw 68005 returning the appropriate vehicles to Embsay with a storming run despite the rain. Anyone who witnessed this run would have been impressed!
    (c) Tim Warner.

    More details of special events can be found on the Events page, and details of the Harvest of Steam can be found by following the link below.

    Harvest of Steam Weekend

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