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68005 on the coal dock at Embsay, dressed for the funeral of Princess Diana. (C) Robert Milner Despite its number and livery, 68005 is not an ex-BR engine, rather a standard Austerity, built by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn (7169) in 1945, (not Hunslets as many authors would claim!). As with almost all the railway's locomotives, it spent all its life in industrial service prior to preservation.

It came to the railway from the East Somerset Railway, who had acquired it from NCB Swallwell, and converted it to resemble a BR version, taking the number just prior to the BR series. This was one of the first locos to be 'converted' in this manner (now a more common occurrance), and the job was carried out very thoroughly, as can be seen from the photographs.

68005 leaving Bolton Abbey double heading with Cranford No. 2. (C) William Lister 68005 ready to leave Embsay. (C) David Umpleby

68005 on a ballast working, seen at Prior's Lane. (C) Tim Warner Being an Austerity design, it is very well suited to the line, as these locos can handle trains superbly, despite the climb from Bolton Abbey, and have been free steaming. It will be interesting to compare its performance against Wheldale, Monckton, No. 8 and 69.

The top picture shows 68005 on the day of Princess Diana's funeral, sat on the coal dock as trains ran to a later timetable. The middle photos show 'the Mog' leaving Bolton Abbey station with Cranford, and also waiting to depart from Embsay. The photo (left), shows 68005 with two of the railway's dogfish hoppers on a ballasting run in preparation for GrantRail and their Ballast Regulator.

2001 saw the loco visiting Barrow Hill Engine Shed for their July events. Pictures are available on their website. It also journeyed to Ruddington, GCR(N), photos appearing from both of these events in the railway press.

68005 successfully operated with very few problems or time out of traffic for close to 12 years after being granted 2 1-year extensions to its boiler certificate. It has now been withdrawn following a burst tube during the last train of the 2006 Harvest of Steam and will require a full overhaul. Whether the loco will remain at Embsay is yet to be decided.

Photos of 68005 undergoing mechanical overhaul at Embsay

(c) Tom Ireland During the beginning of 2004, 68005 underwent a mechanical overhaul. Work on 68005's eccentrics involved whitemetalling, as can be seen in this picture. The mould has been put in place and whitemetal poured by the look of things.
(c) Tom Ireland.
(c) Tom Ireland Turning on the lathe prior to being refitted back at Embsay. The rest of the motion has been similarly treated where it was neccesary. This should mean boiler work is all that is required when the ticket expires.
(c) Tom Ireland.

More photos of 68005 at Embsay

(c) M.G.Riley 68005 is seen at Embsay engaged in a shunting manoeuvre which sees it at the head of 7 (or 8) Mk. Is. And yes, it would be capable of pulling them!
(c) M. G. Riley.
(c) M.G.Riley 68005 is seen on the coal dock with the steam crane as it is lit up ready for action.
(c) M. G. Riley.
(c) M.G.Riley The first passenger stock onto the Bolton Abbey extension was the 5 coach gauging train, hauled by 68005. Here it is seen about to pass under Holywell Bridge - a very unusual view as it is taken from the A59 road bridge... which doesn't have a pavement! Not a location to be recommended.
(c) M. G. Riley.
(c) M.G.Riley The train successfully arrived at Bolton Abbey, where 68005 is seen with its owner / driver / head of the loco department, Charles Adams.
(c) M. G. Riley.
(c) M.G.Riley 68005 is seen in Embsay station ready to depart for Bolton Abbey with the Vintage Train. The Austerities dwarf the carriages, as is apparent from this view!
(c) M. G. Riley.
(c) Tim Warner 68005 following repainting is seen here by Prior's Lane with the Vintage Train, heading for Embsay. The carriages are (L-R): L&Y No.1; GNoSR No.34 and the Gresley Restaurant Car.
(c) Tim Warner.
(c) Tim Warner 68005 on the normal service train, heading round the corner on the approach to Stoneacre Loop from Bolton Abbey. Prior's Lane road bridge is behind the train.
(c) Tim Warner.
(c) William Lister Taken from the top of the old quarry, 68005 accelerates away from Bolton Abbey station with a train of Mk.Is, crossing the quarry access bridge at the same time as passing the newly installed signalpost.
(c) William Lister.
(c) Rob Daniels (c) Rob Daniels 68005 in the winter, taken on the coal dock on a long exposure, showing just how cold things got!
(c) Rob Daniels.

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