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Slough Estates No. 5

(C) Charles Boylan. Slough Estates No. 5 dates from 1939, when it was built by Hudswell Clarke (Works Number 1709) for the Slough Trading Estate, Buckinghamshire. It is another saddle tank (with 15 inch cylinders), and was the railway's main locomotive for a long time - there being a large number of photographs of it at work.

The loco worked constantly at Slough Estates until the mid 1970s when she was withdrawn. Bought and moved to Embsay, she was still in working condition, and ran with little attention at first. When an overhaul was required, the smokebox was replaced which was considered a major task. Once other work was also carried out, she ran again, taking on all duties required and performing well. When the second overhaul was required, the work was once more carried out and the loco returned to service.

(C) Charles Boylan. This engine currently awaits its third overhaul before it can run again. The overhaul required is thought to be very major, from preliminary inspections, and has not been started. However, Slough will be cosmetically restored for the new museum so that she can be put on display. A sister locomotive, Slough Estates No.3, is operational on the Swindon & Cricklade Railway.

More photos of Slough at Embsay

(c) Charles Adams (c) Charles Adams (c) Charles Adams Upon arrival, Slough was in working order and ran for a while. The first two pictures show operations with S.100, top-and-tailed to Bow Bridge and back. On another occasion, standing on the coal dock with Primrose.
(c) Charles Adams.
(C) Charles Adams (C) Charles Adams (C) Charles Adams (C) Charles Adams (C) Charles Adams (c) Charles Adams (c) Charles Adams
Major (at that time) work was carried out on Slough, with a new smokebox fitted and a complete repaint. These photos show the work in progress, both inside and outside the shed.
(c) Charles Adams.
(c) Charles Adams (c) Charles Adams (c) Charles Adams (c) Charles Adams
After the work was completed, a test run was organised, taking Slough to Bow Bridge and back, with several photos being taken. This would be the first loco to be overhauled at Embsay, so this was quite an occasion.
(c) Charles Adams.
(c) Andy Lister Slough Estates No. 5 is seen here in the snow with a train comprising of a Southern BY, a Kings Cross suburban and an NER Director's Saloon, not long after the official re-opening of the line (between Embsay and Bow Bridge Loop) in 1979.
(c) Andy Lister.
(c) Andy Lister Slough enters Embsay station from Bow Bridge on one of the early Harvest of Steam Weekends double heading the passenger train with Darfield No. 1. The smart double lined green livery is apparant.
(c) Andy Lister.
(c) Andy Lister On another occasion, Slough is in Embsay station with a passenger train, standing under the footbridge which had been taken down for major repairs. At this stage the line only ran to Skibeden.
(c) Andy Lister.
(c) Stephen Walker Raising steam in the early morning on the coal dock at Embsay, with Beatrice to the right.
(c) Stephen Walker.

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