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York No. 1

(C) Charles Boylan. York No. 1 was built by the Yorkshire Engine Company in 1949, bearing their works number 2474. It was built to one of their standard designs and is an 0-4-0 saddle tank engine with 16 inch cylinders, and was formerly working for the National Coal Board near Barnsley at South Kirby Colliery. When it arrived on the railway it was pressed into service and ran a lot of the early trains, as well as performing shunting work. It was well liked, and was the best of the 0-4-0's on the line - the others being Annie, 22 and BEA No. 2.

(C) Charles Boylan. (C) Charles Boylan.

The locomotive was built to a typical Yorkshire Engine Co. design for a steelworks loco - fortunately its working at a colliery ensured its survival as steelworks engines are in very rough - Dorothy is a good example of this. This is now a very rare loco as only 2 other Y. E. Co. engines exist in preservation - both 0-6-0ST's.

(C) Charles Boylan. Since it arrived on the railway it has run in two different guises - York No. 1 and also 'City Link', after the sponsors of its last overhaul. In the first picture it is seen undergoing vacuum brake trials near Bow Bridge Loop, the next two show York shunting Joem after its attempted steaming, as well as York in Embsay station on the vacuum trials, alongside No. 22 in platform 2. The final photo is the earliest, showing York with the NER directors saloon on the 'extension' towards Skibeden.

The locomotive is now stored out of service awaiting an overhaul before it can run again. It is thought to be in pretty good condition, so shouldn't take too much work, although there is no indication when this will occur. A cosmetic overhaul should take place shortly so that it can be included in the Yorkshire Industrial Locomotive Museum.

More photos of York at Embsay

(C) Charles Adams (C) Charles Adams (C) Charles Adams
Note the contrast in appearance from when York first arrived (left), to its early repaint (center), to when it was re-launched as 'City Link', the sponsors of its coat of paint.
(c) Charles Adams
Thanks to Jim Winkley for allowing us to display some of his photos below.
(C) Jim Winkley Very early days on the railway, as York heads back to Embsay along the 'extension' towards Skibeden with the NER Director's Saloon.
(c) Jim Winkley
(C) Jim Winkley Seen here sat on the coal dock at Embsay, presumably raising steam. I am guessing that this was taken around 1975, with Primrose behind. This picture gives a good idea of the loco's appealing design.
(c) Jim Winkley
(C) Jim Winkley York seen approaching Embsay again from the Skibeden direction, just alongside the new top yard's location. Note the double track still in existence here. As in all these pictures the loco is in ex-NCB condition, with a green (of some description) livery with red wheels. The NER Director's Saloon is joined this time by the Altrincham Electric coaches.
(c) Jim Winkley
(C) Jim Winkley Outside the shed, the locos design is even clearer as it is presumably in storage between steamings (the cover over the chimney). In the foreground is the metre gauge Peckett which moved to pastures new in the early 80s.
(c) Jim Winkley
(C) Jim Winkley This view probably corresponds to the one at the top of this section of Jim's photos, but it could also be shunting in the top yard. York was a well liked engine, the smoothest ride of the 0-4-0s, and the most powerful.
(c) Jim Winkley
(C) Charles Boylan York No. 1 undergoing vacuum braking trials in Spring 1977 with the NER Directors' Saloon in Embsay station.
(c) Charles Boylan

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