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(C) Charles Boylan Number 22 is a product of Andrew Barclay's works in Kilmarnock, works number 2320, and was built in 1952. It is an 0-4-0ST, and its short wheelbase has meant that it is very prone to rough riding which has been its downfall. Although it is powerful (it has 14in. cylinders) it has not been deemed suitable for passenger work on a regular basis on the extended line to Bolton Abbey owing to its riding capabilities and coal capacity.

The first picture shows No. 22 in its red livery which it carried when it was at work at East Hetton Colliery. This is the livery it has carried for most of its time on the railway.

(C) Pete Walker The livery it is currently supporting is, despite its appearance, not genuine. The black livery of the Fishbourne Coke Works was painted in the same style as other liveries of the time, but despite the loco working there it was never painted in this manner.

This loco is currently out of service awaiting a full overhaul, its ten year certificate having expired during 2000. This will require the fitting of a new firebox.

Recently an article appeared in the YDR News magazine about No. 22's life at Fishburn.

No.22 changed ownership in 2008 and was rapidly stripped for overhaul. The boiler has been removed, the firebox taken out and sent away for use as a pattern for the new one. The valve gear is being attended to and everything is being stripped, cleaned, checked and repainted. Watch this space for further news, and photographs can be found at the bottom of the page!

The loco has now been re-wheeled, painting of the frames continues, and the valve gear is being put back together as it comes back from various contractors.

More photos of 22 at Embsay

(c) Charles Boylan No.22 shortly after arrival at Embsay - sat in platform 2 while York No.1 hauls the passenger service.
(c) Charles Boylan.
(c) Charles Adams No.22 in the process of being painted. The buffers had been removed partly to allow it to fit inside the shed along with other items of stock which had to be kept under cover. Seen with Slough on the left and Primrose on the right.
(c) Charles Adams.
(c) Charles Adams
(c) Charles Adams No.22 running after completion of the painting, or possibly some time quite a bit later. Seen on the right being prepared for the official opening of the line with a Light Railway Order in May 1979.
(c) Charles Adams.
(c) Charles Adams
(c) Charles Adams May 1979 and No.22 and Primrose double head the train marking the start of services. It was fitting, therefore, that for the first passenger train to Bolton Abbey, this pair of engines was again selected to haul the first train.
(c) Charles Adams / Andy Lister.
(c) Andy Lister
(c) Charles Boylan On the left, No.22 waits at Embsay with the train, having just arrived from Bow Bridge. It consists of an SR BY van and a Gresley open. On the right, No.22 double heads away from Skibeden with No.69 during a Harvest of Steam event in September 1984. The driver leaning out from the cab is the loco's new owner (2008)!
(c) Charles Boylan.
(c) Charles Boylan
(c) Stephen Walker 22 on an off-peak passenger service, pausing at Holywell Halt. Not long after this picture was taken, No.22 was withdrawn for overhaul which was caried out very rapidly and the engine returned to service in a fictitious (but plausible) black livery.
(c) Stephen Walker.
(c) M.G.Riley When the line was being connected up at Bolton Abbey station in 1997, No.22 had the privilege of providing the motive power for the first works train to run right through. Here we see the traina rriving at the 'gap' and the work starting to connect it up.
(c) M.G.Riley.
(c) M.G.Riley
(c) M.G.Riley (c) M.G.Riley The first train arrives at Bolton Abbey station since 1965, propelled by No.22. The platform had just been raised up to the correct height as the track level was also different to the original.
(c) M.G.Riley.
(c) Robert Milner The first passenger train was a repeat of the 1979 opening, with No.22 and Primrose hauling the train.
(c) Robert Milner.
(c) Robert Milner
(c) William Lister No.22 starring in its last gala in 1999 before withdrawal, seen here approaching Bolton Abbey with a demonstration goods train.
(c) William Lister.
(c) Tom Ireland 22 sits in the headshunt at the Bow Bridge end of Embsay's platform 2 as an advert for the railway and can be seen from the main roud through the village. However, its appearance is deteriorating, and something will have to be done with it before long for display or a further overhaul...
(c) Tom Ireland.
(c) Tim Warner During the 2004 Harvest of Steam, another No.22 visited from the Bowes Railway, and the opportunity was taken to line them up. At the time there was no prospect of our No.22 running again, and so she was sheeted up and left...
(c) Tim Warner.

Photos of the current overhaul

(c) Aaron Boyce (c) Aaron Boyce (c) Aaron Boyce
(c) Aaron Boyce A change of owner in 2008 (after several years of deliberation) saw No.22's overhaul start. These photos show the loco being pulled apart following its movement from the headshunt to outside the shed. The boiler was removed, and then the tank and cab initially put back onto the loco to avoid taking up too much space whilst the boiler was being worked on.
(c) Aaron Boyce.
(c) Tim Warner A new firebox was known to be needed and when Aaron had removed it, the condition was properly visible! It has since been sent off to be used as a template for the new one. The rest of the boiler is in good condition.
(c) Tim Warner.
(c) Tim Warner
(c) Tim Warner The rest of the loco has been steadily stripped back into its component pieces, and each piece assessed before being painted up again, or repaired.
(c) Tim Warner.
(c) Tim Warner
(c) Tim Warner In all the cleaning up, some nice details have emerged, such as the stamping of components with the loco's number. When everything is dismantled, cleaned and painted in primer, the grubby handprints can be cleaned off before painting everything properly.
(c) Tim Warner.
(c) Tim Warner

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