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(C) Pete Burke
Movie of 140 at Foxfield as filmed by Pete Burke. Should play in your default player in a new window when clicked on. (472K)

(C) Jim Peden - Pete Burke collection No. 140 is a PLA 0-6-0T, built by Hudswell Clarke (works number 1821) in 1948. It has 16" cylinders outside the frames and before coming to the Railway it worked for NCB Horden Colliery, County Durham, but this picture was taken whilst it was at work at Thrislington Colliery in 1968.

(C) Robert Milner The loco arrived at Embsay in the 1970s in a very rusty condition reflecting a long period out of use. Consequently, restoration of the loco was thorough, with a lot needed doing, including the manufacture of new side tanks. As can be seen from this picture taken inside the shed at Embsay during the process of the overhaul, it was originally going to be restored to lined maroon livery as No. 140, but things changed!

(C) Robert Milner At the time of its restoration, one of the certified 'Thomas' locomotives was withdrawn, meaning that there was a shortage of these little blue locomotives. A decision was made to finish 140 as Thomas until the railway's new Thomas, formerly 'Dorothy', was completed. In the adjacent photo, the process of 'Thomasisation' has commenced - the lower half is blue!

(C) Pete Walker The result of this is that the railway had a very popular and powerful Thomas, which went to a lot of other railways, clocking up a very respectable mileage! With the completion of Thomas, 140 was able to enter traffic properly at Embsay, where she has proved a powerful loco, but not necessarily the smoothest! During one Thomas event, she was able to take the 6-coach train with little hassle. For the 2004 Harvest of Steam she was speedily repainted into a lined black livery, much to the surprise and delight of her owner who knew nothing of this!

140 passing Monckton at Embsay. (c) Dave Oughtibridge A brief jaunt to the Foxfield Railway was organised to take part in their gala in 2005 - photos from which can be found in the Charters section. 140 is came back into the Railway's fleet and was expected to be the main engine for the 2006 season. Unfortunately, the replacement of the smokebox door took far longer than anticipated, but she returned to service for the 2006 Santa Specials. Copies of the original worksplates were also fitted.

140 has also had a brief visit to the East Lancashire Railway as part of their Anniversary celebrations. However she was withdrawn shortly afterwards and now awaits a full 10-yearly overhaul which will focus principally on the boiler

140s first tunnel (filmed on the East Lancs)! (c) Aaron Boyce
140 on the East Lancs going through its very first tunnel (as far as we know) with a train - not working particularly hard. Filmed by Aaron Boyce.

More photos of 140 at Embsay

(c) Charles Adams 140's first run - seen in steam on the coal dock at Embsay still lacking the dome cover.
(c) Charles Adams.
(c) M.G. Riley 140 is seen here during the 1999 vintage weekend, entering platform 2 at Embsay with Stephen Middleton's restored GER saloon, No. 14. Date: 16/6/99.
(c) M. G. Riley.
(c) M.G. Riley 140 is seen at Prior's Lane ready for dispatch to another railway's Thomas event, with Wheldale in the background having returned shortly before. Date: 12/5/01
This was the focus of a caption competition, the winner being:
William Smith - "....7....8....9....10 coming ready or not!!" with runners up:
"I'm sure there was a coach between us, James!" - Kevin Ireland. and
"To avoid too much attention from the public, Thomas has had his appearance drastically altered by plastic surgery" - Rob Falconer.
(c) M. G. Riley.
(C) Tim Warner The photo shows 140 up in the air having its axleboxes attended to following overheating which was caused by a broken bolt on one spring hanger. This was half way through the loco's first block of working on the line, after many flawless Thomas appearances.
(c) Tim Warner.
(C) David Umpleby 140 having arrived in Embsay station, just about to run round the train.
(c) Dave Umpleby.
(c) Tim Warner The Easter 2002 Day out with Thomas event saw 140 repainted in black (within its red lining), so that there was only one 'Thomas' on the line - the new Thomas was in use on the coal dock, and repainting 140 meant it could be used on trains. Annie (as Percy) double headed all weekend, partially to try and improve the quality of 140's ride! This will be attended to by replacing the springs at some point.
(c) Tim Warner.
(c) Rob Daniels Both Thomases together! No.8 rests on the coal dock whilst 140 moves past light engine. When No.8 is fully run in, 140 should be repainted into lined maroon livery.
(c) Rob Daniels.
(c) Tim Warner 140 at the 2004 Harvest of Steam after repainting into black, and then in the 2005 event. She is very capable of putting in good performances at events such as these - usually memorable for the fire throwing tenancies!
(c) Tim Warner (l) / William Lister (r).
(c) William Lister
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